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By forming a white surface on a glossy or black surface, which is difficult for optical non-contact measurement, and obtaining a suitable amount of reflected light for measurement, it is possible to easily measure 3D shapes.


Thin Coating

JetSwan uses a specially selected spray material. The effect of the unevenness of the applied powder is minimal, and the shape of the measurement object can be accurately measured.


Quick Dry

Quick-drying properties prevent uneven coating due to dripping.


Product comparison of layer thickness

Layer thickness measurement

Spray twice from 200mm on optical flat covered by masking tape and move the spray at a speed 150mm/s. Tear off the tape, then measure the edge between coating and uncoating section by microscope. The value of edge will be layer thickness.


Test result of layer thickness


JetSwan forms an ultra-thin layer on the object surface, which has the least influence on the measurement.


May 11, 2021 "JetSwan"Started selling
May 11, 2021 Published in the "Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun"

Product Information

Product name JetSwan
Ingredients isopropanol, calcium carbonate, butane
Contents 420 ml / 14.2 oz
Order unit box of 24 cans (free shipping) / small box of 6cans (plus shipping)
Price ***
Distributor FUJIOKA CO.,Ltd Tottori Office
Inoue building No.201, 374-8 Agei, Kurayoshi, Tottori, Japan 682-0021
Contact jetswan@fujioka-coltd.co.jp


  • Please shake 30 seconds after hearing the sound of ball.
  • Please spray on the object from 200mm away.
  • Spray on the surface of project and move the can at a consistent pace at a speed 150mm/sec to achieve an even coating.
  • Please spray twice for glossy surface of metal machining, five times for surface of black resin.
  • If coating is not enough, please spray again.
  • If respray, please do it after being dry every time.


  • Please use in a well-ventilated place.
  • Please do not use indoors.
  • Please wear protective gloves/glasses/mask/clothes.
  • Please do not inhale gas/mist/steam/spray.
  • Please do not spray onto a naked flame or any incandescent material.
  • Please wash hands after using.


  • Do not use near an open flame.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat sources over 40 ℃ / 104 ℉ that may cause bursting.
  • Do not dispose it in fire.
  • Please use it up before disposal.
  • Do not eat or smoke when using.


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